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Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully.

​Next to the terms and conditions, all provided information and media (images, videos, logos, etc) from Horsman Creative Studio's website are copyrighted. No images are allowed to copy or re-publicize without permission of designer, Monique Horsman. If any violation has occurred, you will be face charges. Please respect the use of this website.

​​Terms and Conditions Horsman Creative Studio


Monique Horsman, designer of Horsman Creative Studio has the right to alter the prices at any time.

30 Minute Consultation call
A call can be scheduled to discuss the requirements for your project. You will be requested to provide as much information about your business. This as well means that you would be providing the Designer with “Personal Information.”



Horsman Creative Studio will provide a proposal, based on your requirements. In this proposal, the Designer informs you about the price, turnaround as well as recommendations. You may request the first Phone chat to determine if Horsman Creative Studio is a good fit for your needs and budget. If agreed, the Designer will provide a Contact Agreement of the project.


Contract Agreement

A Contract Agreement is a written document that will be signed by both parties based on what the terms of the project are listed. After the signed agreement is received, an invoice for the deposit will be issued.

The Production

After the contract agreement is signed and the invoice is paid, the creative process begins. You will receive a completed draft of the website design draft within 1-2 weeks, depending on unpredictable delays that is beyond the Designer’s control.


Website Revisions

There are efficient revisions during the course of this project, however, if the changes are for a completely new direction, which was not initially discussed and not stated in the Contract Agreement, then there will be a new invoice for the extra charges. If any additional revisions are requested, after the initial delivery of the website, then extra charges will be billed here as well.



The payment for the project is paid upfront, however, with a larger amount, it is possible to divide into two installments. The first installment will be required prior to the start of the design process. The second installment is due prior to the website going live.  Any delay in the installments being received will result in a delay in production.


Horsman Creative Studio will send an invoice.

Invoices payments will be transferred to the bank account of Horsman Creative Studio:

Monique Horsman Designs

In Woerden, The Netherlands

IBIC (also known as SWIFT): ABNANL2A ​

IBAN: NL54ABNA0247087009

For Non-EU customers, PayPal payments are accepted. To see how to create an account, please go to Horsman Creative Studio is not responsible for PayPal services. The Designer will start your website project once the Designer receives a receipt of your payment.

Transferwise payments are as well accepted. To see how to create an account, please go to Horsman Creative Studio is not responsible for TransferWise services. The Designer will start your website project once the Designer receives a receipt of your payment.

The turnover estimation is based on the work of the project. Please note that it is only an estimation where website content preparation work schedules, weekends and time differences are accounted for. Delivery can be earlier than the estimated date given. Any questions or requests about the turnover can be contacted to the Designer. The Designer will not begin until the payment is completed.

Wix Annual Hosting

Purchasing an annual hosting through Wix to enable your website to be live, is your responsibility. Questions about annual hosting can be contacted to the Designer at any time.

Horsman Creative Studio offers discounts for Website Hosting if the website is owned on the Designer's Wix Dashboard. You will have full access of the website. To know more, contact the Designer.


When your order has been made, you will receive a confirmation email within two days. No delivery will be made until the payment is officially made and accepted. When your payment is confirmed, the project will start. You will always be contacted personally and notified about the process of the project.


Privacy Policy
When you register to the Horsman Creative Studio's website, the provided information of the form, will be handled only by Monique Horsman, and will hold your information in a responsibly and a respectable manner. Read fully on the Privacy Policy page.

Further information

If you have any questions regarding what was mentioned above, please contact the Designer at for further information.

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