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  • What are the best size for images to use?
    The best image size is 2000px x 2000px (or more) in 300dpi. By having a large size, it will be better to work with. It is always easier to shrink a large image rather than enhancing a small image. Otherwise the quality of the image will either blurry or pixelate.
  • What is your turnover based on?
    The turnover estimation is based on the work of the project. Please note that it is only an estimation where website content preparation work schedules, weekends, time differences and as well changes are accounted for. Delivery can be earlier than the estimated date.
  • What is exactly SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
    SEO improves visibility of your website in the search engine, such as Google. By providing the titles/descriptions/keywords, your website can be crawled and indexed by google and improve your rating over a period of time, and increasing more traffic, and leading to more potential customers.
  • If I have no idea what I need or how to start with my website, can I ask you for help?"
    Yes of course. The designer can help you to lead you what is best for your website and business.
  • How can I submit my revision requests?
    It is required that all revision requests should be sent in writing.
  • What if I want to take a different approach with my website, after I submitted the quote and when the price comes to terms with the designer?"
    There will be an extra charge to review the new approach.
  • What are my monthly or annual costs with a wix website?
    You will be responsible for purchasing web hosting with WIX. If unsure, your designer will advise you and assist you which and how to purchase before going live.
  • Can I make updates to my website myself?
    Yes absolutely! The site will be 100% self-maintainable after the website is complete. However, if you are in need of additional support, the designer does offer maintenance services to assist your change requirements.
  • After selecting a template-custom design, can you design the layout, so then I can add the content later?"
    Providing the content first is the best approach. Website designs are based on the content and images and not the other way around. It does take time to spent when customizing and personalizing the template with your content and images.
  • Is full custom website design better than template-custom design?
    The designer highly recommends a full custom website design because designing the website from scratch, will allow a better flow, as well the design will be based on the content and images provided by you.
  • If I request a maintenance service, is there an expiration date?"
    No. The maintenance service is based on the work it requires. Only something extra that was not previously requested will be charged extra.
  • Do you work with other different styles?
    Yes, the designer would adapt to the requirements, but also the designer will give you professional advice on which style fit the most to your business.
  • Do I really a source file?
    The designer highly recommends to have a source file of the logo design. This will allow you have the high quality and in high resolution for all time.
  • Is printing included?
    No. The files will be set up fully ready for print. However, if you do not know where to print your designs, the designer can suggest some printing companies as options.
  • What if I want matching designs for other social media platforms?
    Simply request this to the designer as explain which social media platform do you disire. The designer can designs images for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn & Youtube.
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